About our blog

The PFMConnect blog (Blog-PFMConnect) is operated by the two founders of PFMConnect, David Fellows (United Kingdom) and John Leonardo (Australia).

PFMConnect is an international public sector financial management consultancy. We support governments and public sector organisations in facilitating improvements to their public financial management (PFM) practices. We are committed to working with developing countries.

David and John have significant domestic and international PFM consulting experience.

PFMConnect’s website: http://www.pfmconnect.com


Our plans for the blog

We plan to publish research-based blogs that contribute to the achievement of our goals of supporting good PFM and improving PFM globally. We intend to address both general PFM related topics as well as specific PFM issues we have identified in some countries that are of interest to us and which we consider warrant discussion.

We are open to publishing material on PFM related topics prepared by other PFM practitioners and professionals from other disciplines who have an ongoing interest in PFM. Please email us to discuss your interest.