Anguilla Public Financial Management Profile



This note presents a series of charts which provide an overview of Anguilla’s recent public financial management (PFM) performance based on this country’s 2014 Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment. Comparisons are made between Anguilla’s performance and the performance of the other twenty-three countries that had PEFA assessments published in 2014-2015. All analyses have been prepared using results reported from using the 2011 PEFA methodology.

Overall PFM performance

Individual country PFM performance has been determined by applying the following points scale to reported individual performance indicator (PI) scores as presented in Table 1. No points were allocated to PIs that were not scored because either data was unavailable, a D score was given or the PI was not applicable.

Table 1: PI scoring methodology

PEFA PI score

Points allocated















The graph in Figure 1 below shows Anguilla’s overall score was ranked 14th out of the twenty-four countries.

 Figure 1: Aggregate PEFA scores for 24 countries

Anguilla overall result

Details of the distribution of overall country scores across PFM performance categories, as determined by PFMConnect, are presented in Table 2. Anguilla’s overall score was 38 points.

Table 2: Distribution of country PFM performance levels

PFM performance Overall Scores Number of countries
Very strong 66.37-84 0
Strong 49.57-66.36 8
Moderate 32.77-49.56 7
Weak 15.97-32.76 8
Very weak 0-15.96 1
Total 24

Anguilla’s overall PFM performance is classified as “moderate”.

PI performance

The graph in Figure 2 below shows the scores for Anguilla’s individual PIs compared with the average score recorded for each PI across the twenty-four PEFA assessments we have studied. Please note that no scores were recorded for the top seven indicators in Figure 2 due to D scores being given for six PIs whilst it was not appropriate to score another PI (PI-8).

 Figure 2: Anguilla PI score comparisons

Anguilla - Relative performance PIs

Download a pdf version of Figure 2 here (Anguilla PIs) to review individual PI scores in more detail.

Twenty-one of the twenty-eight PIs were assessed. Ten PIs had scores above the country average, one PI was in line with the country PI average whilst ten PIs had scores below the country average.

Performance across key PFM activities

The graph in Figure 3 below shows the average scores for the six key PFM activities compared with the average score recorded for these activities across the twenty-four country PEFA assessments we have studied.

 Figure 3: Anguilla key PFM activity comparisons

Anguilla performance PFM pillars

Three key PFM activities recorded scores above the country average whilst the remaining three key PFM activities recorded scores below the country average.

PEFA Assessment

You can download the 2014 PEFA assessment for Anguilla here.